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Want to find a publisher that truly celebrates queer authors?

We deserve to have our book published by a press that aligns with our values and knows how to market our work.

LGBTQIA+ authors account for less than 16% of published books.

Writing a book is hard enough, but navigating the publishing industry can be even more challenging, especially for queer folx.

As an 8-time award-winning author who has published with 4 different presses, I know how crappy the publishing industry can be!

I know what it feels like to be the only queer author at the press or to have marketing and publicity overlook the nuances of my readership.

I’ve seen brilliant author friends taken advantage of by predatory publishing companies preying on marginalized authors for capital gain.

That’s why I started Tehom Center Publishing, an imprint publishing feminist and queer authors, with a commitment to elevate BIPOC writers.

Not only do we publish authors at NO COST, but we also offer equitable coaching programs empowering authors in book writing, book marketing, and authorpreneurship.

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Because queer authors not only deserve to have our books published, but to live sustainable, thriving, abundant lives funded by our writing.

So, Tehom Center Publishing offers royalties that are double industry standard, where authors maintain the rights to their books, in addition to providing revolutionary coaching that helps writers build programs aligned with their books to fund their dream lives.

It’s worked for me as I celebrate the launch of my 8th book, Queering the American Dream, and it can work for you, too!


That’s why I’m hosting a FREE Pride and Publishing Party on June 1!

As we celebrate Pride, here’s what you’ll take away from the FREE party:

  • Tips for navigating the 5 ways to get your book published

  • An opportunity to pitch your book for publication with a queer press

  • Testimonies from queer authors living the authorpreneur life

  • Raffles for free queer books, merchandise, and book coaching

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Who’s leading this free Pride Publishing Party?

Dr. Ang is an 8-time award-winning author and the founder of Tehom Center Publishing, an imprint publishing feminist and queer authors, with a commitment to elevate BIPOC writers. Her work is featured on Forbes, HuffPo, Ms. Magazine, Curve, NPR, the television show Tiny House Nation, and she coaches queer authors to get recognized by these media outlets and more! Writing and publishing toward the global good is her calling and elevating queer and BIPOC authors is her jam.
Plus, the Pride Publishing Party will have queer guest authors sharing their wisdom and expertise about writing, publishing, and living the authorpreneur life…and giving away free copies of their books!

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Come to learn about queer publishing.
Stay for the fabulous queer authors.
Leave empowered to get your book published!

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