About Us

Tehom Center Publishing is an imprint publishing feminist and queer authors, with a commitment to elevate BIPOC writers.

In addition to independent publishing at no cost to authors, TCP offers coaching programs empowering authors in book writing, book marketing, and authorpreneurship.

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Started in 2023, Tehom Center Publishing is a 501c3 non-profit Imprint of Parson’s Porch, which has been publishing books for over a decade; they have over 780 titles in print for 380 authors, so you can count on our extensive experience to provide dependable, long-term, individualized support through the publishing process and in the years that follow.

What Sets Tehom Center Publishing Apart?

Our commitment to elevating the voices of feminist and queer authors

Our promise that many of our authors are BIPOC

Authors retain all the rights to their book

Authors have creative input in the book design

Authors have paperback and hardback availability

Authors can distribute books worldwide

Authors earn 20% royalties on every sale

Books will never go out of print

What does Tehom Mean?

Tehom is the Hebrew word for deep or watery depths. Deepening justice. Deepening creativity. Deepening spirituality. That’s what we do at the Tehom Center. But tehom is so much more…

Tehom Center Publishing Icon
Tehom Center Publishing Icon

Like us, tehom has roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition because it’s found in the Genesis creation narrative. Also like us, it is not bound by this tradition. In fact, the Hebrew tehom is a lingusitic cognate for the Ugaritic t-h-m, which is equated with the earlier Tiamat, a Babylonian goddess of creation. Syncretism? Interfaith dialogue embedded in ancient letters? Pluralism? Perhaps.

Like us, tehom is queer. In the Babylonian myth, Tiamat’s birth of the world is co-opted by patriarchy, much like the re-tellings of the Genesis creation narrative. The Hebrew, however, is clear that the feminine ruah—spirit, wind, breath—stirs over the face of the deep (tehom) in order to bring about creation. So, the world comes into existence by a goddess (Tiamat) and a feminine spirit (ruah) stirring together.

Like us, tehom dwells in the watery depths of chaos. Tehom Center was founded four blocks from Maku’u Point, a Hawaiian burial ground known as the “jumping off place to the light,” where the deep Pacific crashes into lava rock. You can feel the spirit stirring over the waters.

Like us, tehom is about creation and creativity. What is more creative than the artistic dance of creation? Painting, dancing, new life. That’s revolutionary.

Tehom is about deepening what we are called to create and become.

Tehom Center Publishing’s Non-Profit Board Members

  • Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber, President
  • Dra. Wendy Arce, Co-Vice President
  • Dr. Melissa James, Co-Vice President
  • Dr. A. Elizabeth Lee, Secretary